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Glued to the TV last night the Oil Can Crew looked forward to the long-awaited pilot episode of The Speedshop, which aired on BBC 2. In what turned out to be compulsive viewing, we got to follow the exploits of Titch Cormack, an ex special forces operator turned custom bike builder, and his trusted crew of SBomb Vintage Workshop.

The episode follows the build of a custom flat tracker for Chris, an ex-paratrooper and recent amputee. The build is only the start. Taking the bike off road across the Alps is the real challenge. Putting their military training to good use Titch and his workshop sidekick Billy successfully guide Chris over some unforgiving terrain to the designated endpoint. Real inspiring TV.

Alongside this the crew take on their first custom car build. Transforming an old, slightly rusty (cough), Hillman Super Minx into a Modern Vintage surf wagon. Easier said than done.

The dynamic amongst the guys of the workshop is clear to see and you get to learn from Billy and Martin of the unbound energy and enthusiasm of Titch that seemingly, despite the odds, holds everything together on projects when it looks like they may come off the rails. 

We’re honoured to know these guys personally, and it was good to see the show offered an honest and revealing account of the workshop and the guys’ personalities, without the usual false jeopardy or dubbed narration of similar shows.

The episode is currently available on the BBC iPlayer for those who want to catch up. A full series rests on the feedback of last night’s show. Hopefully the future holds more custom builds for epic adventures and inspiring people. We have everything crossed.


Oil Can Grooming Titch Cormack Custom bike builder SBomb Speedshop BBC2 series

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